A Dynamic Learning Environment That Exceeds Classroom Walls

Hybrid Learning Platform facilitates the new age educational processes by bringing the education, technology, communication, and society together on a single platform. This sharing environment: ‘Teacher-Student, Teacher-Teacher, Student-Student’ enables the effective application of Social Learning, Peer Interaction, and Inquiry-based Learning strategies.

  • Educational Sharing and collaboration
  • Global, Creative and Nature–led learning
  • Global knowledge bank for content generation
  • Multi directional- real time review and feedback system
  • Planning and management system


Hybrid Learning evaluates student performance in a holistic manner so that you can make the most accurate decisions about your students and guide them correctly, it determines how deep the student learns a subject by analysing all variables.

  • Smart Measurement Evaluation.
  • Detailed Performance Analysis.
  • Alerts the students on incomplete tasks.

Portfolio Management

Guide your students to master their process of learning and personal growth through Portfolio

Let your students gain ownership of their own learning. Hybrid Learning Platform helps students to visualise their whole learning process by compiling all learning activities, including goals, tasks and reflections, into one software. Specially created for each student and constantly updated, the portfolio saves every step in the education.

  • Academic Growth Portfolio
  • Social Emotional Learning Growth Portfolio
  • Life Skills Growth Portfolio
  • Outside The Box Learning Growth Portfolio


Greater Flexibility, Happier Students

  • Easily assign homework online and set custom due dates to accommodate the needs of individual learners.
  • Allow students multiple attempts when responding to assignments / questions, or give them immediate feedback by making the correct answer visible so they can learn as they go.
  • Send customised and individual feedback to guide the students.
  • Get a real-time view of student's performance

  • Let notifications and insights give you an immediate pulse on student task completion and comprehension
  • Receive a weekly summary report to assess class and individual progress and identify struggling students.
  • View all assignment score in the application automatically


Hybrid Learning Platform, with its Planning and Management feature, offers school administrators a foresight of the future of the institution through a comprehensive evaluation of all systems and thus enables them to create a strategical plan for an all inclusive growth within and beyond the school. It orients the school to a common goal and increases the quality of administration.

  • Insightful planning
  • Single Point Access
  • Time Saving
  • Data Integrity

Awards & Recognitions

Transitioning the entire school system to Hybrid Learning poses its unique challenges. Adapting school infrastructure, equipment, materials, and personnel to function in both remote and in-person environments is not easy. With the right equipment such as software, the process can be made simpler.


In A New Chapter

A New Era of Education Begins With Hybrid Learning Platform

Hybrid Learning Platform is designed to transform your school environment to adapt to this new era. Get the best of educational sharing and collaboration through this platform.